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When I was burned, Dragon Claw did less. Why? Can you tell me what effects are there?


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A burned pokémon's physical attacks will be half powered.

That explains why dragon claw did less damage. It is a physical attack, so it will only do half as much damage as before.

Some more extra effects are:

75% less speed when paralyzed
A Pokemon will thaw out if hit by damaging fire attacks when frozen and can still use the moves Fusion Flare, Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, Flare Blitz and Scald when frozen
•Damage dealt from being badly poisoned will worsen over time, starting at 1/16 damage. Note that this is different from being poisoned regularly.
Sleep does not have an extra effect, unless you count being able to use the moves Sleep Talk and Snore

Note that there are exceptions. Example: Pokemon with Quick Feet won't get speed lowered from being paralyzed.
Also, fire Pokemon cannot be burned by fire moves, ground Pokemon cannot be paralyzed by electric moves, ice Pokemon cannot be frozen by ice moves and poison Pokemon cannot be poisoned by poison moves. A Pokemon who gets poisoned and gains the steel type will remain poisoned. Usually, steel types cant be poisoned.


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a pokemon who gets poisoned and gains steel type will remain frozen" lolwut again
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the type of the moves doesn't matter, though a ground type can't be paralyzed by electric moves. (unless there's a substitute for thunder wave that doesn't check move type, like the other status moves) Electric types cannot be paralyzed, fire types cannot be burned, poison types and steel types cannot be poisoned (unless the opponent has corrosion), and ice types cannot be frozen.
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There are a few status conditions that also give an additional effect.

  • Burn halves the attack damage dealt by psychical moves. If a burned Pokemon has the ability Guts the power of it's attacks will be raised by 50%.
  • Frozen Pokemon will be thawed out if hit by a fire-type move. Pokemon cannot be frozen in sunny weather.
  • When a Pokemon is paralyzed it's speed is reduced to 25% of its previous speed. If a paralyzed Pokemon has the ability Quick Feet it's speed will be raised by 50%.
  • Before Gen 5 poisoned Pokemon in your party would lose one HP for every four steps taken while not in battle. If enough steps are taken out of battle to bring the poisoned Pokemon down to 1 HP the poisoned status will be removed. Badly poisoned is the same as regular poison but the damage grows by 1/16 on every turn (turn 1: 1/16 turn 2: 2/16 turn 3: 3/16 and so on)
  • Sleeping Pokemon are not able to attack unless they use Snore or Sleep Talk. Sleep randomly lasts from 1 - 7 turns.
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Scald will also thaw Frozen Pokémon.