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So, I am training a Flareon, don’t worry. This is casual. Anyway, it has guts as a hidden ability, and that, combined with its attack, and combined with Facade, it will be a monster. Anyway, are there any moves/items that will inflict the user with a status condition? Burn, sleep, and frozen will make this very useless, but poison, and paralysis might be useful. Also, side note. Will all of this be worth it?

Yes, in games it's worth it and in competitive meta in flareon's tier again it's worth it.
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Burn isn't useless, as Guts ignored the Attack drop. On Flareon however, it is useless, as Fire types can't be burned.
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Yes, toxic orb. In competitive meta, toxic orb is only used on flareon for guts boost. Hope I helped!
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Toxic Orb badly poisons the holder.
Flame Orb burns the holder.

These are the only two to do so, from my experience. The Flame Orb is better for Pokemon like Machamp and Luxray, who should be able to stay in longer. Toxic Orb is generally worse, for Pokemon like Flareon that can't be affected by burns. Both are also good to transfer to an opponent with Trick or Switcheroo.

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