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They don't prevent status, but the berries (Lum/Rawst/Aspear/Cheri/Pecha/Chesto/etc) cure a certain status condition.
Are you asking only for Items, or are you asking because you should have been afflicted by one, and wasn't?

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No items prevent status. However, the following berries cure a status condition:

  • Aspear Berry: Defrosts the user if they are frozen

  • Cheri Berry: Cures paralysis

  • Chesto Berry: Makes the holder wake up if they are asleep

  • Pecha Berry: Cures poison and bad poison

  • Persim Berry: Makes the holder snap out of confusion

  • Rawst Berry: Cures burn

  • Lum Berry: Cures all status conditions and confusion

If you're playing competitively, only the Lum and Chesto Berries are viable. You can use Chesto Berry with Rest, since the user will be fully healed and wake up. This is a decent recovery option for Pokemon that lack more reliable recoveries like Soft-Boiled, Roost, Recover... If you want to be safe from status and you don't have Rest, then Lum Berry is a viable option.

In Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, those berries didn't exist. Instead, there were:

  • Bitter Berry: Cures confusion

  • Burnt Berry: Defrosts the user

  • Ice Berry: Cures burn (I don't really understand that logic. I guess the berry could melt and the water would cool the burn?)

  • Mint Berry: Makes the user wake up

  • PRZCureVerry: Cures paralysis

  • PSNCureBerry: Cures poison (my source says nothing about bad poison)

  • MiracleBerry: Cures all status and confusion


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