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what does it do it is called ??? its description just says its a rare stone please help I'm clueless.


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Sounds like a glitch to me. I just did a bunch of internet searches, and nothing matching ??? Stone came up. Have you ever hacked?
Please give me a little more info, such as the exact description, and where you found it.

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well it looks like the stone that zekrom comes from and i got it from a hacked event on a cheat site that you can choose a pokemon set its stats then choose moveset shiny and even held item. it was on the held item list and i dont know what to do with it.
Definitely the consequence of that hack.
If you can, toss the item to remove it from the game. This will hopefully prevent it from damaging the game's internal data.
well i could probably sell it and get more money instead of just tossing it.
But it might give you glitch money!
oooo pff like that will do any worse than what an action repley
If you sell it, you could permanently mess up your game...like, to the point of breaking the save file. You're right when you say it couldn't do worse than an Action Replay. Because an Action Replay is literally $30 spent to mess up your game.