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It has to be the annoyingest battle ever! Help me please!

Maybe you can say who you hero and partner is?
I'm Riolu and my partner is Vulpix

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Well, Primal Dialga is easy if you ask me.It is a good thing to have a lot of Sleep/Parlyze seeds and If you are lucky some Reviver Seeds.Dialga is Steel/Dragon. So Ground, and Fighting type moves have the advantage.If your team can learn Dig then it's very easy to beat him.The first time I beat him, I used Chimchar and Turtwig.Chimchar knew Dig and It was pretty easy.Also if you're lucky you can avoid Roar Of Time which is a devastating attack for your team.

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i beat with focus blast spamming and focus punch
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I was a Riolu and my partner was Cyndaquil. If you use focus punch 2-3 times, Dialga will faint. If you want a better chance of winning, use a stun seed. (sleep seeds on Dialga only last about 1 turn.) ORBS DO NOT WORK ON DIALGA.

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Another very good strategy is to lower Dialga's accuracy so it won't hit a single move.

I did this by using Mud-Slap over the course of four turns. The majority of the attacks missed, giving you free hits on Dialga.

Recommended Items:

  • Paralysis/Sleep/X-Eye Seeds
  • Vile/Violent Seeds
  • Reviver Seeds
  • Munch Belt