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It's because I keep hatching Tyrogues, and I haven't gotten one yet where its nature is defense+. I'm trying to get Hitmonchan. However, a lot of the natures are Special Defense+, so I was hoping that that may work.
So, my question is whether the Special Defense/Special Attack matters in Tyrogue's evolution split thing at all.

Thanks both of you guys!

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No. only attack and defense matter. The Hitmon family evolutions have identical sp.atk and sp.def stats. While a new evolution may be introduced with this, currently only attack and defense factor into a successful evolution. An adamant/jolly nature with some iron defense boosts can usually succeed in producing a Hitmonchan if it has respectable defense ivs.

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According to the Pokedex nope. SpAtk and SpDef don't play a part in its evolution. Just as long as its Def is higher than its Atk then you should be good.

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