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no legends please.

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No legendaries or Pokemon that were introduced in Gens other than V listed.

Attack: Haxourus (147 Base Stat)
Defence: Cofagrigus (145 Base Stat)
Special Attack: Chandelure (145 Base Stat)
Special Defence: Cryogonal (135 Base Stat)


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He didn't ask for Speed...
why would he ask for everything but speed and how did the person looking this up not just throw speed in anyway baffling simply baffling i am baffled
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Special Attack: Chandelure- 145
Attack: Haxorus- 147
Special Defense: Cryogonal- 135
Defense: Cofagrigus- 145


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What do you mean by all those question marks? I answered your question... but did I leave something out? Please explain