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And also highest combined Atk and SDef stats too e.g:ecavalier, Ho-Oh, Gallade, hitmonlee


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Dialga has 120 Defense and 150 S.Attack which makes 270.
Reshiram and Palkia both have 100 Defense and 150 S.Attack


Darmanitan(Zen mode): Has 105 Defense and 140 S.Attack
Magnezone: Has 115 Defense and 130 S.Attack
Glaceon: Has 110 Defense and 130 S.Attack
Magneton and Togekiss: Have 95 Defense and 120 S.Attack
Omaster: Has 125 Defense and 115 S.Attack
Gorebyss: Has 105 Defense and 114 S.Attack
Tangrowth: Has 125 Defense and 110 S.Attack
The Rotom Machines: Have 107 Defense and 105 S.Attack
Slowbro: Has 110 Defense and 100 S.Attack
Tangla: Has 115 Defense and 100 S.Attack

Then there are all the Legendary fairies which(Except for Sky form Shaymin) have 100 in each stat, which means they have 100 in Defense and S.Attack.


Kyogre: Has 150 S.Attack and 140 S.Defense. That is the highest totaling at 290.
Both Reshiram and Palkia: Have 150 S.Attack and 120 S.Defense


Darmanitan(Zen-mode): Has 140 S.Attack and 105 S.Defense
Volcarona: Has 135 S.Attack, and 105 S.Defense
Gardevoir: Has 125 S.Attack, and 110 S.Defense
Roserade: Has 125 S.Attack and 105 S.Defense
Togekiss: Has 120 S.Attack and 110 S.Defense
Empoleon: Has 111 S.Attack and 101 S.Defense
Mismagius: Has 105 S.Attack and 105 S.Defense
The Rotoms Machines: Have 105 S.Attack and 107 S.Defense

The Legendary Fairy thing again.

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how bout the attack and SDef?
Also for the highest def and highest sp attack, if your not counting legendaries, cloyster would be one with sp attack stat 85 and def stat 180 totaling 265, just 5 down from dialga.
I was only counting the ones with high in both stats.