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Hey, I'm new to the site and I had a question, so... Who's a good Def/SpDef spiker, but can also dish out Atk or SpAtk? (All Gens.)

Edit: My current spiker/SpDef is my Tentacruel (who I really come to like)
I also have a Cloyster as a Def. cover (Not a spiker)

What I am looking for, is other Pokemon with similar stats as these too(Tentacruel and Cloyster).

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Skarm is another option for something physically defensive that has only two weaknesses.

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With a base 133 defense stat and 116 Spdefense stat, it can be a dreadful wall when it's nature is sassy sassy.It has access to a good movepool and entry hazards such as spikes and stealth rock. Stealth rock is a good move to have on ferrothorn as it does at least a 1/4 damage of nearly all fire types hp. Though it has a X2 weakness to fighting attacks and a X4 weakness to fire attacks, it can usually take a hit or you can just switch it out. You may have more problems with fighting types but with the ability iron barbs they, they will always lose a decent amount of HP everytime the try to punch ferrothorn down. To make fighting types lose even more problems countering Ferrothorn you can just give it a rocky Helmet and any physical attacker will loose another 1/4 of it's HP. When this is combined with stealth rock and spike you can ware physical attacker down to almost 1/2 of it's HP. Ferrothorn has everything you need in a Spdefensive and physical wall: It has a decent Attack stat, Amazing defense, good SpDefense stat and decent HP

Conclusion: I would say go for ferrothorn
Hope this helped

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Just saying Ferro isn't weak to ground.
Awesome! Thanks a bunch! didn't realize ferrothorn was such a wall! haha,

P.S. Im leaning towards using toxic spikes, and venoshock straight out the bat, can you possibly recommend a fast and defensive, or just fast pokemon to set up toxic spikes?
For Toxic Spikes, I would recommend Roserade.
Ah! Very nice! I'm definitely feeling Roserade, love her stats!

I'm thinking this set

Nature: Timid

 -Toxic Spikes
 -Sludge Bomb
 -Shadow Ball/Energy Ball
 - HP (Rock)

What do you think?

Edit: Actually now that i think about it, maybe replacing sludge bomb with energy ball would be better?
- Toxic Spikes
- Hidden Power Ice
- Venoshock
- Protect

This is the set I use for ky Roserade :)
Flare, HP ice? Hm?

My Rosequet (Roserade)
 Might be
-Energy ball
- HP rock
-shadow ball

I like this set I feel like its good to deal with weaknesses.
But then you don't toxic spikes again
I have my wall Tentacruel as a lead ,great setter
with few weakness (which I love)
and thru ought my battle I take care of
        poisoned puppets n_n
With my Rosequet (Roserade) and my gangar.