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Okay, so I'm playing Pokemon Diamond and I've made a dream team from different save files that I've traded over from Platinum. They're all good and they obeyed me up to level 30 because of Gardenia's Gym Badge, so I decided to try and be smart by heading straight off to Pastoria City to find Wake and beat him because the rules state the 4th badge makes Pokes under level 50 obedient. My plan was to then beat Maylene at Veilstone but my team are over level 30 and are being disobedient again. Why is this and what shall I do next? Initially I will try beating Maylene as my next step but will my Pokemon obey me after that, at least till I beat the next Gym that'll crank up the obedience levels to under level 70? If someone could explain the answer I'd be really happy. :)


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The reason why this is happening to you is because in Pokemon versions Diamond and Pearl, every two gym badges bumps the traded Pokemon obedience level up.

So here, from Bulbapedia, it says:

For every second Badge the maximum level of obeying Pokémon increases (2 Badges—level 30; 4 Badges—level 50; 6 Badges—level 70; 8 Badges—level 100).

Crasher Wake's badge (Fen Badge) will make your traded Pokemon listen up to level 50, as he is the fourth gym leader. However, you only have two badges, Gardenia's being the most recent you acquired. That means that traded Pokemon only up to level 30 will obey you.

Yes, you're next step should be to battle and defeat Maylene. Unfortunately, seeing as she's only the third Gym Leader, you're Pokemon will not listen to you unless they're level 30 or below.

Honestly, my advice is to either catch some Pokemon from the wild and start using them for the time being until you get badges that will make you respected enough by your traded Pokemon, OR, you can just keep on using those really strong but traded Pokemon in your team currently. It'll be incredibly frustrating since some times they won't listen, but it is your team after all.

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Okay, thanks! sorry for the late response. I beat Maylene to get my 4th badge and you were right, they've been obedient ever since and I'm on my way to get the last gym badge! Thanks again!
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You see, the obedience rules count for the total of badges, order has no real role. It only appears like that to those who play the gyms in order. So if you manage to beat maylene , your Pokemon under 50 will obey you. I had done something similar , and I suggest your next move is to :
a.) grit through that awful battle
b.) formulate a secondary dream team for these situations.

I managed to take down Maylene with the team being disobedient! Luckily for me they performed most of the moves I ordered and finished the battle quite quickly. Thank you!