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every time i try it doesn't work somebody please help me out

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you can't transfer pokemon from black/white to diamond, it is impossible. If you mean to transfer from diamond to black/white, then you need 6 pokemon on diamond that do not know HMs, and they must be in tyour PC. Then on Black/White go to the transfer lab and talk to the scientist on the top floor. The DS will save, then you have to turn on your second DS (the one with diamond) and tap the ds download play icon. After this you will select the pokemon you wish to transfer, and then complete the minigame, after this it will verify that you want to transfer and then it will be done.

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Thank you for the help Swaggron
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you cannot transfer pokemon from the latest gen to the oldest gen but you can do it the other way around.Other than that, It is just impossible.If you want pokemon from diamond to your b/w game you can use poketransfer which is located in route 15 in b/w{post game}.Make sure your pokemon dont learn any hms because you wont be able to transfer them

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I said the exact same thing.
Sorry i didnt pay much attention to your answer.I thought before you edited i could add the answer in a more detailed way