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Adding to a question i asked a few months ago, WHEN can i transfer pokemon to black/white, the answer to my previous question said i had to go to Black city/White forest, but do i have to beat the elite four or something to unlock the transfer method (like the pal-park in diamond/pearl)?

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You need the National Pokedex, so yes, you'll need to beat the Elite-4.
Keep in mind that that you cannot transfer these:

  • No Hold Items - (Game automatically puts them back in your bag)
  • The Pokémon cannot know Hidden Moves (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Defog, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Rock Climb) - Do note that you can send Pokémon with Defog through HeartGold & SoulSilver and Pokémon with Whirlpool through Diamond, Pearl & Platinum
  • You cannot send Eggs
  • You cannot transfer the Spiky-eared Pichu
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