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It is transferring not trading.

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There is a feature called the PokéTransfer located on Route 15. Inside you can migrate 6 Pokemon from a generation 4 game (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver).

You will need to catch the Pokemon through a mini-game. Any Pokemon you don't catch in the time limit will not be transferred and stay on the old game.

Note that (a) this is permanent migration, you can't trade the Pokemon back to gen 4, (b) you cannot migrate items, you must take them off the Pokemon before transferring and (c) you cannot migrate Pokemon knowing HM moves.

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Yes and no. It is the poketransfer but you don't trade pokemon actually it's like migirating pokemon from gba games to the 4 gen but your migirating pokemon from your 4 gen pokemon game to your 5 gen pokemon game

Do you have to beat the E4 in Gen IV to transfer them to Gen V?
Yes you do