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I like berries but you can only use them once. Is there a way to make them last longer or maybe even forever? I think the move recycle lets you use an item again.......


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Recycle does restore berries: Recycle

There's also the ability Harvest, which will have a chance of restoring a consumed berry. Harvest's chances of restoring a berry will be 100% in the sun. Exeggutor is the main user of this with Sitrus Berry. You'll also see Tropius using Harvest sometimes in NU, again with Sitrus Berry.

Harvest ability

Harvest is the better option, since Recycle is a move, and therefore requires you to use a turn in order to restore the berry (and it's a waste of a move slot), while Harvest just activates after the berry is consumed.

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Well technically you could, with Harvest, Or Recycle Recycle is guaranteed to get your berry back, while Harvest isn't, so I would go recycle, all though it takes a moveslot and a turn, but if you don't want to take up the moveslot and a turn, then go harvest, but it ain't guaranteed unless your in the sun.