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I saw that it was unreleased in-game, but if I found someone online who has one, possibly by the use of an AR or other cheating device, and got him to make more in the berry fields and take one of them. Would this be possible without damage to my game which I could now farm for more?
Is there another easier way?

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I'm doing some research here, and finding A LOT of contradictory information. Serebii states that the Custap Berry IS obtainable in X/Y, but the list for the Berry Farm berries says no. Bulbapedia says yes, but gives no methods. (Apparently from Bulbapedia, farming of the Custap is possible.)

Not sure on this one, since the Serebii item list gives the berry with no location...

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It is impossible to obtain the Custap Berry in X and Y.

Their have been no event Pokémon obtainable in X and Y that hold the Custap Berry, and because Pokébank doesn't allow you to transfer items, it cannot be obtained from previous generations. So until they release an event for the Custap Berry, you cannot get a Custap Berry in Gen 6.
Also, Showdown doesn't allow the use of a Custap Berry, saying it is unreleased.


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Thanks guys