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I am going to catch registeel.


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Yep. You get one from the Professor Juniper and one from Colress. You can also get an infinite amount of MasterBalls from the Raffle in Join Avenue if you get a No.1 Prize
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Yes, you could get a second master ball by beating Colress in the Plasma Frigate. You could get even more by wining one from the raffle shop in join avenue! You could also get one from Professor Juniper but you probably already did.

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I got a master ball ya!!!!
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Yes. The first one is probably from prof. Juniper and you can get another on from beating Colress in the plasma frigate and you can get on from join avenue in the raffle.

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you can get the second master ball but,with cheat codes.I Play Pokemon emerald on PC so I can cheat it with Game Shark. here's the steps to cheat with INFINITE MASTER BALLS on game shark ON POKEMON EMERALD PC:
step 1:Open the gameboy advance on PC
step 2:start the game
step 3:click the "Cheats" button above the Gameboy Screen then,select cheat list button
step 4:click the "Gameshark..." button
step 5:then,type this code on the code collumn: 82005274 0001
and for the description collumn type:"Master Ball"(Description doesn't change the effect it's up to you about the description)
step 6:click "ok"
step 7:go to the pokemart on the Oldale City because i've try on another pokemart it doesn't work succesly only at Oldale city it Works

ANOTHER TIPS:you can also enable or disable the cheat by clicking on the checkmarked square and sometimes the cheat disappear in a minute after you used several times so make sure write the code and the description on the New Text Document (to create notes)

i hope this is helpful and works.