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my only legendary Pokemon is cresselia please tell me a Pokemon to use my master ball on I beat elite four and the champion once

Just so that people know, once you defeat Corless after the main game, you can get ANOTHER Masterball from him.. :D
huh lol i caught every legendary obtainable in my white 2 in regular pokeballs except one cresselia and yes i still have my masterball along with the second one you get when you beat colress in the frigate outside the P2 lab

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  • Catch the Cresselia.
  • Troll and catch a Patrat with it.
  • Let a Pokemon hold it and trade on the GTS. People might offer better things because of it.
  • Save it for a Shiny.
Or dont use it at all oh by the way there's two because one for kyurem and one for either reshiram or zekrom
thats just dumb
the main story legendary dragons is a better catch than a cresselia. Go! Reshiram!