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I have been thinking of some grass types that I might replace it with. Like maybe Shiftry. But can you tell me what grass type I should put on my team? My team is Excadrill, Chandelure, Dragonite, Golduck, Electivire, and Serperior. So what should I replace Serperior with?
Please add movesets!


enter image description here He knows Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Cut, and Frenzy Plant which I know is a horrible moveset.

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Why replace him can you give Your serperior moveset?
I don't understand what you are saying....
Why do you wanna replace your serperior?
And what moveset does your serperior have?
His moveset stinks: Leaf blade, Leaf storm, cut (I know it is horrible) and frenzy plant.... It has the worst moveset ever and that is why I want to replace him.
Hope you like my answer
Mine took soooooo long to write
Give it a better moveset then! Serperior is so awesome man!  


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item: life orb (self explanatory)

ability: Iron Barbs

Power Whip: high power, STAB

Flash Cannon: Good accuracy, can lower special defence, STAB

Bulldoze: lowers opponent's speed covers 4x fire weakness

Ingrain: cancels out life orb while still getting boost from life orb



Ability: Leaf Guard

item: Heat Rock (This is a sun set so...yeah)


Solar Beam (this set runs on sunny day so why not?) self explanatory

Sunny Day (ability, solar beam, and synthesis)

Dig (for fire types)

Synthesis (heals more in sun)

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What I think he means by "cancel out" is that the healing will nullify the recoil damage from Life Orb. The moveset still sucks, but yeah.
The Leafeon moveset is great!
test my roserade moveset too i think it is more powerfull
I like both movesets but I like the Leafeon one the most!
Ferrothorn's moveset is not THAT bad.....
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  • Sludge bomb: STAB
  • Shadow ball: To cover Psychic weakness
  • Toxic spikes: Great Entry hazard
  • Giga Drain: Healing

And I would Replace Electivire with Elektross because elektross got no weaknesses so he would be a great Pokemon for your team




  • Thunder wave
  • Crunch
  • Wild charge
  • Crush claw

Hope this helps


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I like this one too!
Thanks Jolfy! Roserade is working out!
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I think this is a good one:

Leafeon- Leaf Blade- Good power and STAB

               Dig-Can take care of fire types
               Shadow Ball- Can take care of most types
               Swords Dance-  Raises attack

enter image description hereI think that would work!

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I would go with roserade
I like this set +1!
K instead of Shadow Ball, I would do Iron Tail/Aerial Ace to deal with weaknesses. Leafeon has a crappy base SAtk so Shadow Ball isn't very good.
Yeah I guess you are right!
I would go with ferrothorn. !!:)