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I really can't decide. I lack a fire type and have 2 grass in my team. I need Leafeon's dig and it's a little mean putting away your starter. If it helps here is their movesets:

Tory (Leafeon)
Item: rocky helmet (not sure why)
Ability: leaf guard

Leaf blade
Giga drain
Shadow ball

Blade (serperior)
Item: big root
Ability: overgrow

Leaf blade
Giga drain
Leaf storm
Dragon Pulse

Help if you can! :)

i suggest leafeon beacause his stats r better but this is just my opion you may want 2 get rid of 1 of ur grass types and put in a water type 2 balence ur team out
I have a water type (vaporeon) in my team who knows surf, signal beam, iron tail and ice beam. She is the only water type I need. She's awesome.
Leafeon(it can carry x-siccior)
Serperior( mostly good but a hunk of a junk while vs. leafeon)

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If you need dig particularly badly, throw out Serperior and replace it with Leafeon. Doesn't matter too much if it's the starter, I've traded my starter out for a more useful Pokemon before too :P

Anyway in any case I'd still support Leafeon. This is because Leafeon's attacking stats (110/60) are still better than Serperior's ones (75/75). Also Leafeon holds the superior physical bulk, and it's special bulk and HP aren't too much behind Serperior's. Serperior does hold a much better speed, but Leafeon's is also more than enough for ingame purposes.
Since you're running offensive sets on both, Leafeon woud generally outdamage Serperior, and Leafeon's better moveset right now leaves it walled by less types. Serperior relies too much on 3 grass STAB attacks and Dragon Pulse as coverage, while Leafeon has a better coverage range with attacking moves of 3 different types.

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Thanks so much! You really helped me decide. :)

EDIT: Actually I just need digs for exploring caves, I do that a lot.