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Just wondering, and if they need to hold anything, please tell me.

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I don't see why they wouldn't be able to breed. They are both in the same egg group and Tauros is male and Miltank is female. I am pretty sure that they do not need to hold something to breed but I may be wrong. So, yes they can breed.

enter image description here I hope this was helpful! ~FrozenVanillite

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Pokemon don't need to hold an item to breed, they need to hold an item to get a certain stage Pokemon. Since neither of these has an evolution or preevolution, no, they don't have to hold anything.
So...... I was right?
The only thing is, I've tried. I kept them in there for nearly 3 days and nothing happened, only leveling. And it said they didn't like each other very much. :/
That's strange because they only don't make an egg when he says "They prefer to play with other pokemon..........". Keep trying and you will eventually get the egg.
Al' righty then.
If it doesn't work try getting another Tauros or Miltank.
(/_') It has nothing to do with which Taurus or Miltank it is. The message you got means that they CAN breed, it is just harder to breed them than if they were different Pokèmon. I suggest breeding Miltank with some other species.
Oh ok.
Did they make an egg yet?