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Would it still be over level 100? What would happen?

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Im pretty positive there is no way to get a pokemon from gen 1 to gen 5.
look at my other comment and there is how

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you cant get gen 1 over 100 in b2 w2 b w
you can trancfer [so sorry for spelling!] it to gen 1 to gen 2 but not to gen 3

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Yes you can, you can get to Gen 2, then Gen 3, then Gen 4, and then you get it in Gen 5 with Poketransfer
you cant transfer from gen 2 to 3
why can't you?
idk thats just how it is.  There is no system to transfer from gen 2 to 3.  For gen 1 to 2 theres the time capsul or something like that.  For 3 to 4 theres pal park.  For 4 to 5 theres poketransfer but for 2 to 3 theres just nothing.
It's possible if the games aren't for a gameboy color.. Pokemon from FR/LG can be traded to R/S/E. From there, they can be transferred to SS/HG and from that too, you can transfer them to B/W/BW2..
youre forgetting that FR/LG is gen 3(not gen 1) and HG/SS is gen 4(not gen 2).  Gen 1 is R/B/Y and Gen 2 is G/S/C.  You cant transfer from G/S/C to R/S/E or FR/LG so no you can transfer from gen 2 to gen 3
Gen 1/2 -> 3 transferring was never made because there was never a way for GB/GBC carts to communicate with GBA ones. Gen 3 -> 4 worked because old style DS units had the dual slots (1 for DS cards, 1 for GBA carts) and subsequent generations have internet/wifi based trading and compatibility between DS and 3DS cards and systems.

Additionally, how pokemon data was compiled and set up was radically overhauled between generations 2 and 3. Even if there was some sort of fantastic way to move RBY/GSC data to an RSE cart or beyond, the newer games likely wouldn't be able to make sense of how the older style pokemon were supposed to function. FR/LG may be Gen 1 games in terms of being in Kanto and playing like RBY, but they were build on the structure of Gen 3, with all the changes to pokemon data that Gen 3 brought about.

EDIT: and now I realize this question is like a year old. Whoops.