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Now that Pokemon bank is out (finally!!!) I want to restart the game and play through it to try and complete the pokedex and get all the TM's and such. What I want to know is can I still use my Lv.100 Delphox at the beggining of the game or will I be unable to control it because of its high level.


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No, you cannot. Since it is level 100, that Delphox will not listen to you until you beat the eighth Gym Leader, Wulfric, and get the Iceberg Badge. Just because it came from the same game card doesn't mean it will listen to you from the start of the game.

Anyway, imagine how easy the game would be with a level 100 Delphox that early in the game? It'd take away the fun of playing the game.

It isn't guaranteed that it won't listen, right?
Yeah it isn't. But the point is that it will still have the chance of being disobedient until he gets his eighth badge.