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You can get the "Legendary" Level 100 Magikarp by Fishing in the Resort Area in the Game Pokemon Platinum. Nothing is special about this Magikarp.


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It's dem Level 99 Magicarp's that you can call Legends :P
lv 100 magikarp is boss!
No, because you can't evolve it into a Level 100 Gyarados can you?
well its ....magikarp
magikarp is awsome
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Black 2 and White 2. After completing the pokedex, you get a pass to go to the Nature Preserve. Go to Mistralton City and fly on the plane to get to the Preserve. If you fish, you can get a Magikarp from levels 1-100. If you fish on ripples, You can find Magikarp levels 1-100, but you can find Gyarados levels 1-100, too. Gyarados is rare, though. Hope this helps.