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As you all know I'm kinda slow but why do people use a stat-boosting moves (quiver dance, swords dance, tail glow etc..) and then baton-pass. Do they do that on purpose to annoy us or force us to switch out and scout our/my team?

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Baton Pass is used because it passes the stat boosts onto other Pokemon. Often it's used with defensive Pokemon who can take a few hits while boosting, then pass onto a sweeper.

For example if you used Dragon Dance a few times you would have higher attack and speed. You could Baton Pass that to a sweeper who would be super-fast and super-strong and could maybe one-hit-KO everything.

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They do it to pass on the boosts...
Such as Tail Glow gives you +3 SAtk, when you use Baton Pass, the boosts are passed on to the next Pokemon.

I battled some one with a Gigalith and Conkeldurr and I dont know if gigalith can learn baton pass but you can guess what happened.(I won though. Thank whom ever made the move dive.)