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So, I was making a Houndoom set on Showdown, when I realised that the suggested EV spread had 30 IV's on SpAttack. I had Hidden Power Grass on it, so why are they trying to make my Hidden Power Power less?

Help this poor kid! /.\


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Because Hidden Power is determined by IVs. If your SAtk IVs were 31, your Hidden Power would be a different type.

EDIT: I don't think you understand. The IVs determine that, only specifric IVs will get you Hidden Power Grass. When you selected Hidden Power Grass, it automatically changed your IVs so that they would make Hidden Power a Grass type move.

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But my Hidden Power type is CHOSEN as Grass...?
So I HAVE to have the 30 SAtk and 30 Atk IV's to make sure my HP is Grass? Thanks!
Precisely. And it will only lower your SAtl by like 1 point, so it doesn't matter too much.
Okay, great THANKS BEN!