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I picked Snivy for my starter and I'm so close to finishing the Unova dex but I need to see a Oshawott and Samorutt. The only one I've seen from the Oshawott family was Dewott. Where can I battle or catch or receive an Oshawott???


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You can't catch or obtain an Oshawott.I had the same Problem with the Tepig Line.I chose Oshawott for my Starter and my Rival Chose Snivy.So I wasn't able to see the Tepig Line in the game.So,I traded my Emboar from My Black to my White 2, Bred it with a Ditto and Tada ! Tepig is Borned.You should do the same thing.

No one I know has an Oshawott, that's the problem. I understand what your saying, I actually did that myself with Tepig, but I don't know anybody with a Tepig. I was hoping there would be a Trainer with an Oshawott that you could tell me about...