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Bit of an odd question, but is Serperior considered kinda lame? Cause after using Snivy for a bit in Black 2, it's not half bad so far. Dosen't hit super hard, but it takes hits pretty well, and it's fast enough to get a few Leers off too. So I must ask, why the Serperior hate?

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Serperior was a bad Pokémon for many generations before it got Contrary. In-game play makes things look better than they are in competitive.

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Like Fizz stated in the comments, In-game teams may look better then they are in competitive. And like Fizz also stated, before Serperior got Contrary Serperior was in NU, that's almost the lowest tier already.
People might not like it because of it's pre-evolution already, growing from hands and feet to no feet and no hands.
And of course, being a starter that looks more feminine but it still has a 87.5% chance to be male.
In my opinion it is gorgeous, and superior (yes, my puns) but there are always people who dislike Pokémon for their own reasons.

That's all!

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This is pretty opinion based. Ofcourse some people are gonna think Serperior is lame because it has no arm and looks pretty lame for some but ofcourse there are still going to be people who like it and even has it as their favorite Pokémon

Like I. Because this is one of my favorite pokemons.