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"There appears to be a problem with the Pokemon in the battle video"
Why is it saying this when I try to upload my Wifi battle? My pokes are 100% legit bred and raised. And his seemed legit, no issues other than he had a shiney drought ninetales in an event ball.


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Ninetales isnt achieveable in an event ball. The reason is the opposing team has hacked Pokemon in hacked pokeballs. Also Ninetales cant have drought as an ability when it isn`t from dreamworld. There you go. The reason is hacked Pokemon.

Source: experimenting with the causes of hacked Pokemon.

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it can have drought as a ability...
Did it come from dream world? `Cause I never got a ninetales with drought...
I just found out drought is achieveable in dreamworld.
Actually Ninetales can have Drought even in game. You can find Vulpix with Drought in the Hidden Grotto at the Abundant Shrine.

I checked all the event Pokemon; there is a Ninetales, which can explain the event ball, but Bulbapedia does not list it as able of being shiny.