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To add some context here, apparently there is only a twenty minute battle timer in swsh wifi battles that goes down even when you are contemplating what move to use and during the move animations. Some time ago, a youtuber named pokeaim made a video that gamefreak bring back the old wifi battle timer which was about an hour and asked a bunch of other youtubers help him out. A few days ago, an update was released for swsh. So, did that update do anything for the battle timer? And on that note, has gamefreak even responded to it in a way or something?


Here's the video if anyone's curious about it


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No it didn't and Game Freak hasn't responded on it. Game Freak doesn't respond to nearly anything

Source: I do competitive battling

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What about that new update?
We don't have the specific patch notes for the new update, it just says, "It fixes a variety of bugs including some fixing some unintended circumstances in the battle system." We don't know how exactly what this means but I do know that they didn't change the battle timer