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my team are:
Scizor (Quick Claw) IV EV
Night slash/Fury Cutter/Superpower/Sword Dance All 31 0,255,80,0,70,100

Blaziken (Bright Powder) IV EV
Night slash/Sky uppercut/Bulk Up/Mirror Move All 31 0,125,100,85,100,100

Gallade (Shell Bell) IV EV
Night Slash/Drain Punch/Bulk Up/Hypnosis All 31 0,140,125,0,120,125

Gardevoir (Leftovers) IV EV
Icy Wind/Focus Blast/Hidden Power(Dark)/Hypnosis All 31 0,0,125,140,120,125

Garchomp (Muscle Band) IV EV
Brick Break/Dual Chop/Surf /Dig All 31 0,125,100,75,105,105

Hydreigon (Focus Band) IV EV
Crunch/Superpower/Draco Meteor/Fly All 31 0,95,95,125,95,100

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Possibly because you don't have wifi.

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Your Pokemon are most likely hacked or were edited somehow. The games can detect hacked Pokemon in WiFi battles, and will ba you from battling until they are removed from your party.

Source: Experience with hacked Latias :/

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Are you Pokemon hacked?? Because if so, you can't battle.

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