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Like OU, UU, etc. I've seen many people use Pokemon in the wrong tiers and what not.


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No, tiers are not applied in the WiFi-battles as well as in the competitions mainly because smogon has nothing to do with the official website of Pokemon. However some people do tend to battle with Pokemon from a certain tier, mainly OU and UU. People that battle with tiers often win or are often quite skilled battlers. Since Uber Pokemon such as Excadrill and Blaziken are no longer banned in the random matchup and Wi-Fi battles, you are enabled to use powerful combinations. However some Pokemon that are valid in OU are banned such as Keldeoa nd Celebi

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How do you negotiate what kind of tier you want?
You have to agree on a tier with the person you're battling before hand.
How do you do that? Isn't that only possible when you are battling with someone in your palpad?
^ Exactly. Only when you know who you're battling can you battle in a tier.
Also I don't have my copy of W2, but yea, I definitely remember seeing an option to use banned Pokemon.
I've seen people use Keldeo and Victini etc. in match ups, so there is an option (I mean they can't all have hacked).
lol. I do know that sometimes  the competitions will allow all Pokemon (barring chatter chatot) but that doesn't happen that often.
But if that is the case, I am so looking for that button :D