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I've seen most of them on Youtube but I haven't seen any more new corocoro's yet.

Thanks guys!

edit: who is this?

enter image description here

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@Shiny Xerneas im very sure that it is a digimon and the name of it is Calumon
Source i always played digimon years ago :D
It's a Digimon. The "wut" part of "lolwut", goes here. And the "lol" part is that about 4 people said it's a Digimon but you still don't believe it.
did not know sorry. i seen it on pokebeach. I don't realy kbnow my digimon.

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I found new Pokemon under Sylveon.

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thx Xerneas. Btw, Xerneas is my favourite gen 6 legendary xD
Xerneas is mine to.
Also youre wlcome! :D
Actually..... They've confirmed that those were. Faked.... Sylveon is the only real one... Does nobody do research?
thanks xerneas xD