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Plain and Simple what I asked :P
Would be cool if he is able to learn it this Gen. even though I'm more of a Umbreon guy.

No websites I have read have said if any old Pokémon learn any new Gen VI moves or not. Everyone is focusing on the Gen VI Pokémon movepools first. Sorry if this doesn't help. :\

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Made an account to answer this, can confirm 100% that Flareon does get Flare Blitz now, at level 45.

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I have heard somewhere that Flareon DOES get Flare Blitz now. I'm not 100% sure though, so don't quote me on that. But if true it means Flareon could actually be used competitively - Toxic Orb + Guts + Flare Blitz + STAB + Base 130 Attack = Amazing :) Of course it still won't be living long with its Defence, but at least it will do some damage before going down.