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So what it is?

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No, lokman is wrong! heart scale is for Move Relearner, and of course it's different with Move tutor. In platinum, move tutor can be learn by giving shard! different shard teach different move! in platinum, there are 3 move tutor, it's in Route west from Pastoria city, in Snowpoint city, and in Survival area...

In soul silver there''s only one in blackthorn city
Yes, and sadly, it's learned by BP!
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If you did not allow one of your pokemon to learn a move after leveling up, you can pay a move tutor with a heart scale to teach the pokemon that move afterwards.
also, a move tutor can teach a pokemon a move slightly ahead of it's level.
with GBA, you'll need to pay them with mushrooms.

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So you only need to pay with heart scales or mushrooms
Yep. I only had to pay with mushrooms for one version. don't know which one.