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Static, but this ability is only used a few times such as Ash's battle with Ursaring.

Ash's Pikachu first uses his ability in Sinnoh, before that it is unknown if he has an ability.

Sources: watching the episodes and bulbapedia.

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Pikachu's ability, static, was also seen when Ash battled Roxie. Roxie used Gabotor and Ash used Pikachu.
Though oddly enough, when pikachu battles thundurus, he absorbs the bolt strike pokemons electrical attack to boost to power of his special attack, allowing to fend of the kami trio with a massive electro ball. This would suggest that pikachu has the ability lightningrod, which boosts the attacking power of the wielder when it's hit with an electric type attack. This is pikachus dream world ability. After seeing the event, team rocket says "that is one special pikachu", suggesting that pikachu is different from most of his kind who have Static. But having static would make more sense
That is a good point but they do specifically say that pikachu has static in the show.  Maybe it has two abilities?
Not as far as I know. It is surely possible for a pokemon to have all its abilities like in mystery dungeon in the anime, but its never said
i think it does have both because it says pikachu has static but there are many occasions were it absorbs electricity to make its moves more powerful
Pikachu has 2 abilities.. "Static" and "Lightning Rod"...That can also explain how they could defeat Solrock and Lunatune... and what Pikachu did to Thunderous