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Every time Ash's Pikachu uses Volt Tackle, he never seems to take recoil damage from it. It appears the same for EVERY other move with recoil as well.............


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He does. Things like recoil are never really shown in the anime in Gen III or earlier, but are shown from Gen IV onwards. Check out Ash's final battle with Paul if you want to see this in action. I haven't watched that in a long time, so my memory might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you see things like this in it.
Bulbapedia says:
>Pikachu runs at the opponent. Its body then becomes surrounded by golden electricity, and it tackles the opponent. While covered in electricity, Pikachu's body looks black and white. When hit by recoil damage, its body becomes surrounded by yellow sparks of electricity.

So he does show recoil damage later on.

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The sparks are also present with Staraptor and Infernape. What, now they're putting recoil damage in electricity
And Burgh said volt tackle hurting the user during the gym battle
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Because its the anime and kids probably don't wanna see the Pokemon hurting themselves, plus how would the recoil even work!!! they punch themselves in the face? XD Plus, for the anime they choose the coolest looking moves and the Pokemon hurting themselves would look odd and out of place. Basically, it's Pokemon anime logic.
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well, this is at least before later In he Unova region like Meloetta said:)
Pokémon don't necessarily punch themselves in the face; If you were tackling a person while running fast AND covered with electricity, you could NOT say that you felt nothing.
That was a joke...