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Serperior Lv.67 Nature: Mild Characteristic:Sturdy Body Moves:Wring Out, Gastro Acid,Leaf Storm,Frenzy Plant. Chandelure Lv.87 Nature: Docile Characteristic: Likes to relax. Moves: Inferno,Shadow Ball,Flame Burst,Will-O-Wisp. Sawsbuck Lv.100 Nature: Docile Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn. Moves: Jump Kick,Energy Ball,Faint Attack,Aromatherapy. Latias Lv.85 Nature: Naughty Characteristic: Quick to flee. Moves: Dragon Pulse,Draco Meteor,Psychic,Healing Wish Conkeldurr Lv.68 Nature:Gentle Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown. Moves: Superpower,Dynamic Punch,Hammer Arm,Focus Punch. For my team.

Liepard Stats: Lv.58 Nature: Quirky Characteristic: Likes to thrash about. Moves: Night Slash,Snatch,Nasty Plot,Sucker Punch.
Dragonite Stats: Lv.60 Nature: Naughty Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn. Moves: Dragon Rush,Ice Beam,Dragon Dance,Outrage
I gave you a better idea. And I will add Evs if you want to go through Ev training.

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For me Dragonite is better.
Some reasons:
Bulk Dragonite has acces to multiscale, which is quite deadly and only if your opponent is a much higher level than they stand a chance of killingt this poke. Its base stats are 95 sp.def and 100 def. Compared to Liepards 50 def and 50 sp.def , Dragonite simply overpowers it, no comepetition.
Sweeping Liepard has 88 sp.atk and 88 atk, which makes it pretty good. But compared too Dragonites 95 sp.atk and 100 atk, Dragonite wins.
Annoying the opponent Okay, for once Liepard wins. With acces to prankster, confuse ray+thunder wave makes your opponent kill themselves.
Ok I'll give sets for both of them, Liepard in annoying role and Dragonite for a killing role.
Dragonite Lv.100

Item: Leftovers
Admant Charteristic
Likes To run'
Ability: Multiscale
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw
An all out attacker.
Liepard Lv.100
Item: Leftovers
Likes to run
Ability: Prankster
- Swagger
- Thunder Wave
- Encore
- Night Slash
Dragonite Liepard
So for me, I choose Dragonite, Hope this helped!

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I would say Dragonite. Not only is a "better" Pokemon all around, but Dragonite will provide more coverage. A Dark Type won't have much to add to your team, but Dragonite's movepool will definitely help cover some weaknesses.

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It depends on what you need. Dragonite is a better Pokemon and dragonite is much bulkier soo he can take a hit exept some ice moves or maybe dragon critical hits. Dragonite can run Lumrage + D-dance which is very powerful he can also use dragon gem Draco meteor when he is playing with Atk EVs.
I would run this extreme killer Dragonite

[email protected] berry
Trait: Multiscale

EVs 252 Atk / 108 Spe / 108 Def 36 Spdef
Adamant nature


  • Dragon dance
  • Outrage / Dragon claw
  • Extreme speed
  • Draco meteor


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