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This is it's summary:

Serious nature.
Met at Lv. 70.
Somewhat of a clown.
Lv. 71
Full happiness.

HP: 223
Attack: 209
Defense: 145
Sp. Atk: 156
Sp. Def: 151
Speed: 140

Ability: Inner Focus (If that matters.)

(This is in Black 2.)
I was wondering if you could figure it out. It would really help!

There's no way to exactly calculate it. Use EV reducing Berrys on whatever you don't want EVs in.
Are you sure? Man, what are the AR codes for those Berries? And will they stop working when all the EVs in that stat are gone, or will it just keep going?
Again, are you sure?
Yeah I'm sure. It's nearly impossible to calculate EVs, so just use the berrys and EV train it in the other things.
You can get the Berrys from a woman at the beginning of the route from Nimbasa City to Drifveil. She'll let you buy 5 a day. No AR Code needed, but you can look it up if you don't want to wait to get the Berrys.

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Assuming all the IVs are 0 the maximum possible EVs are:

HP: 84
Attack: 100
Defense: 40
Sp. Atk: 64
Sp. Def: 36
Speed: 132

This is the maximum possible EVs, they can be anywhere between this value and 0, an exact determination is impossible.

Source: I created a Lv 70 Dragonite on Pokemon Showdown, gave it 0 IVs and added EVs until its stats matched your Dragonite.

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... Thanks! Although, my Dragonite is Lv. 71 now, but hey, you took the time to do something, so +1!