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This is actually kind of related to another question l answered about Scizor and Bullet Punch, but in a different matter.
l want to train a Dragon Dance Dragonite, but l don't know what EVs to put in.
Should l put in HP, Defense and Sp. Defense EVs so that it'll be bulky enough to actually Dance up taking the least amount of hit points, or should l put most of it in Attack and Speed, for sweeping purposes?
Because Dragon Dance will raise its Speed and Attack, l don't see much of a point in investing too much in it... but again, l'm not exactly sure how it'll go.


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MidnightSky, any Dragon Dance Dragon must have EVS in Attack, Speed and HP. 252 Attack, 252 Speed, and 4HP. It needs these EVS because you want Dragonite to be an amazing Sweeper, not a Bulky one. Defence EVS on Dragons will be applied on Altaria for its high Defence. So hope this helps you..

I see... so l guess l was just thinking too hard...
but is it really necessary for 252 EVs in Speed?
Would it be wise to cut that down to about 130 in Speed and 122 in HP? lt's still getting boosted by Dragon Dance, or just make it a great great sweeper?
That's good, but be aware that Choice Scarfed Ice Types can outspeed it and OHKO it with an Ice move. Same thing with Ice Fang/Punch/Shard users..
Even if you put EV in Hp it is still likely that he will be easily destroyed by any ice type move   so speed is better choice than HP IMO