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Skyla just visited my Join Avenue (which is now named Westfields) and she gave me 3,000 points when normal gym leaders only give you 1,000? What happened!


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This is definetly a glitch,sorry.I looked it up on bulbapedia.All Gym leaders give you 1,000 when they visit a shop they like.Sorry again.


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*Sniff Sniff* Thanks Teod *Sniff Sniff* ... *Cries*
Sorry again
Why are you saying sorry to me? :P
its a pity
Mmmm yeah I guess :D
What?! Omg, no! Don't restart it! It's just a small glitch, and hey, he's getting some more points out of it. Don't restart the game unless something serious happens.
i only wanted to help
scary... how did the name westfeilds even get on there? I need to rethink pokemon... (!)