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In my raffle shop, everyday all I ever get is goddamn Prize #10 Berry Juice! I'm sick or it, I want my Master Ball, but it's not the fact that I can't get the ball, it's the fact that I never get any other items, is this a glitch in the avenue or is this just a coincidence? Like, just bad luck for me or what?


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It is certenly not a glitch, getting good prizes is just extremely rare. Depending on the LV of your shop, you will have a bigger or smaller chance of success. But getting a Master Ball is still very, very rare, you just need a lot of patience and you will eventually get one.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Join_Avenue#Raffle_Shop

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My shop grew to the second rank right after I got the Berry Juice today, I should have upgraded before going to the raffle... :F
You need rank 10 to be clost to getting a master ball
I got the Master Ball at rank 2 XD
the best i have got is prize number 2 rare candy