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Tyrant (Tyranitar) (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sand Stream
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 180 HP / 248 Atk / 80 SDef
Adamant Nature
Dragon Dance
Stone Edge
Earthquake/Fire Punch

For my RMT.

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Get some speed on that sucker.

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IMO EQ is better because otherwise your walled by the ever common Heatran.
Plus you need not worry about flying types as you have STAB Stone Edge.
Ferrothorn is a problem but after a couple of D-Dances EQ will rip that thing to pieces.

I'd go for EQ.
100 Power
100 Acuracy
100% total destruction

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Sorry, forgot to say thanks! So... thanks! xP
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Well, Tyranitar's threats are mainly:

Ferrothorn & Forretress (will wall you)

The main Pokemon you won't be able to hit super effectively are Heatran Infernape, but Stone Edge will be x1 (and STAB).

Infernape and Breloom usually have Mach Punch, and Scizor and Lucario have Bullet Punch.

Fire Punch will deal with the first 6 Pokemon on that list, while none of your moves will hit Keldeo or Infernape super effectively. If you go for Fire Punch, it means that Keldeo will resist all of your moves.

However, if you go for Earthquake, Breloom will resist all of your moves.

Having said that, I would go for Fire Punch. It will be able to deal with Ferrothorn and Forretress, the first will be able to use Power Whip and Leech Seed stall you, the second will be able to use Gyro Ball on you at least once (because of Sturdy), and what with DD boosting your speed and Steel being super effective, it will hit hard.

It also depends if you have counters on your team for Tyranitar's threats. Depending on the rest of your team, Earthquake might be more suited. If you have, e.g. Infernape or Darmanitan on your team, then go for Earthquake.

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Why run Fire Punch to beat priority users that OHKO you anyway. Why would they switch in Scizor risking a CBand Stone edge. Sure it hits Ferro and Forre but your point for running it is maybe a little redundant. Tyranitar is not a one man team, that said I do agree with Fire punch over Earthquake just I think your reasoning is not so great.