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I am very perplexed by this decision. Agility gives Scizor a well needed Speed boost. But after a couple of Swords dances he can OHKO almost anything faster than itself. Agility makes it a straight forward sweeper. Swords dance makes Scizor a super hard hitting Priority sweeper. I can't really decide I think Swords-dance is better. Can someone give me a very good comparison of the 2 and tell me which would be better?

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This gives you access to Iron Head, making him have the oppurunity to me a Flinch Haxer, which seems rather up your ally, While also, putting him to a 130 base speed, which is equal with his attack, making a balanced sweeper, But you have to invest Ev's in your speed to make agility worth while, losing some of the bulk you can get from the swords dance set. But yeah, Iron Head is your main perk away from...

Swords Dance

This side gives you a HUGE Attack stat, We're talking 260 Base!
The Main perk here is your Outstanding attack, and Priority Access that you can powerfully use, And to top it off, the main perk for this set isn't only your outstanding attack, Due to being a priority sweeper, you can invest some tankish Ev's in him to survive a few blows!
While this way pretty much guarentees OHKO's, and lets you have Bulk, this is my preferred way to go.