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My Scizor Moveset:
Night Slash
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance Or Roost?

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If you get rid of night slash, you can have both. Night slash isn't very strong and doesn't provide relevant coverage for Scizor.
well you see night slash is for really annoying ghost types like gengar, or chandelure
That's what dark type teammates are for.

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Swords Dance and Roost are both amazing options on Mega Scizor because they enhance its already great offensive and defensive presence. Get rid of Night Slash, as it is weak and doesn't hit anything super-effectively that threatens Mega Scizor from an offensive standpoint, so you can use both. Also, replace X-Scissor with Bug Bite, as it is stronger with the Technician boost. Or, you could replace it with U-Turn for a decently strong STAB which retains momentum.

If you HAD to choose one, however, it would really depend on the set. Offensive Mega Scizor definitely needs Swords Dance to break past its usual bulky checks, while defensive Mega Scizor absolutely requires Roost to maintain longevity and check the threats it's meant to.

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but isnt U-Turn resets swords dance
Yes, but you can still use swords dance to power up bullet punch.
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scizor has OK hp, and OK def/spdef, and he has insanely high attack, so I think you should go with swords dance because I feel like he could stay in long enough to one shot everyone

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Definitely not Roost, since Scizor is not a part-Flying-type.

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Roost heals its user regardless of the type.
I know, but it usually loses the user's flying-type.
What does that have anything to do with this. The primary purpose of Roost is to recover HP. The added effect of losing the Flying type is mostly irrelevant.
It's entirely irrelevant as we're talking a bout a Bug/Steel type.
If this was Scyther, then it would definitely use Roost and become a pure Bug-type.
But it isn't Scyther. How is this relevant to the question? Is your point that Roost is only worth it if you can get rid of the Flying-type temporarily?
Well, yes...
So are you saying that healing 1/2 of Scizor max HP in one turn is not worth it?