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Some might find this a really stupid question, but I am very new to Pokemon. So when ever
my Pokemon levels up it gets like +1 Attack or +1 Defense, but... what is Special Defense?

Would really help if you would answer :3

I just pressed hide on everything. Fixed!

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Each Pokemon gets 6 "stats".
HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Special Attack, and Speed.
HP is how much HP your Pokemon has.
Attack is how much Attack your Pokemon has.
See what I mean?
Special Defense is your Pokemon's defense, specially. So Special Defense has nothing against a physical attack, like Tackle, but it reduces the Special Attack another Pokemon uses, like Volt Switch.

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There are 3 categories of attacks. Physical, Special, and Status. The higher your defense, the less damage you take from physical attacks. The more special defense you have the less damage you take from special attacks. Status moves are moves that do things like raise stats or burn enemies.