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My moveset so far is Draco Meteor, Outage, and Glaciate.


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Blizzard could cover all of the enemies and hypervoice could cover all enemies.
Blizzard has low accuracy and hypervoice has high accurracy.
Blizzard does 120 damage and hypervoice does does 90 damage.
Blizzard has a 10% chance of freezing the enemies and hypervoice has no side effects.
the freeze caused by blizzard cant effect Pokemon with magma armor and hypervoice cant effect Pokemon with sound proof.
Blizzard`s accuracy changes to 100% in hail storms.
Three Pokemon are immune to blizzard due to magma armor, and 12 Pokemon are immune to hypervoice due to sound proof (5 have DW abbility).
The best attack for kyurem is blizzard.

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blizzard affects pokemon with magma armor
He was talking about the freeze that Blizzard causes, not the move damage itself.
You could just get the benefits of both with ice beam, which is both accurate and a special ice STAB attack
he edited it.  It used to say that blizzard cant effect pokemon with magma armor.
Yeah... But I actually meant the freeze. I just left that out.
Wow, good examples. Thanks.
Its my pleasure.
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What I think is use hypervoice as you already have an ice type move (glaciate) and having the same type of moves does not benefit you and if you choose blizzard then you would get STAB but the accuracy will be very low which misses most of the time it is a ice type move and doesn't affect ice and water types more also that hypervoice is a normal type move which won't affect ghost type moves . If I was you then I would have kept hypervoice and this is my personal advice remove draco meteor for U have already have a dragon type move keep shadow ball and switch glaciate with ice beam.

Thanks for the advise. (I want glaciate so when it becomes a different form, I get Freeze Shock, or Ice Burn)