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what is a better move for it

frost breath-does 60 base damage but always lands on critical so it makes 120 and with STAB it's 180 and it can be used 10 times has 90 accuracy and it's special also it stays at a 60 base power and 90 with STAB on Pokemon under shell armor,lucky chant, and battle armor.

ice beam- does 90 base damage with STAB it does 135 has 10% to freeze has 100 accuracy and can be used 10 times it's special Pokemon with subsitute or magma armor cannot be frozen.

blizzard- does 110 base damage with STAB it does 165 it has 10% to freeze does hits all Pokemon in triple and double battle. it has 70 accuracy but under hail which I have on glaceon it has 100 accuracy it could be only used 5 times in battle it's special and cannot be frozen on Pokemon with subsitute or magma armor.

which is better. thanks! :D


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Ice Beam

Definitely the most standard Ice type move for a reason
STAB will give you 135 power, so it makes the most sense. Along with a critical hit, you have a power of 203.

Frost Breath
First off, if you're playing in Gen 6, critical hits are 1.5x, not 2x anymore, meaning along with STAB and a critical hit you get a power of 135. Also some Pokemon have an ability that prevents critical hits, like you mentioned, so you're left with a measly power of 90 along with STAB. Not to mention the 90 accuracy, which is not bad, but Ice Beam is better.

The accuracy is too low to risk missing a move. Unless you have Hail up or a Pokemon with Snow Warning, I'd recommend not using it. Although, it is pretty useful in Doubles and Triples.

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The best STAB for Glaceon, in my opinion, is Frost Breath. It's ability to hit through defense boosts and special attack drops is pretty neat. But it comes alongside a 90% accuracy rate, and, well, this has screwed over many people. Your next best initiative is Ice Beam.
Unless you're running a Hail team, or are fishing chances to freeze the opponent (highly disapproved), Frost Breath almost entirely shadows Blizzard, so it's your least likely option.

Hope I helped!

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If I were you, I would go for Ice Beam. Coz of the 100% Accuracy and just the high base damage, You can't affort a miss, and blizzard is most likley to miss. I have no experience with Frost Breath, but Ice Beam seems the best choice.