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What are all the Pokemon can learn moves like Lock On and Mind Reader, and then one hit KOs like Horn Drill? (lv. up, tms, tutors)


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The only Pokemon that can do this is Articuno, with Mind Reader & Sheer Cold.

I checked the OHKO moves and Mind Reader & Lock-On, and didn't find any other Pokemon capable of doing this.

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Smeargle can learn any move combo
Well, no one uses a Smeargle for that. It's so slow anyway that it won't go first, and even if it does it probably won't be something that's worth taking down with a OHKO move; it's also so frail that it will get KO'd by most things without a focus sash.
I'm not sure, but if articuno can learn Sheer Cold maybe through move tutor, then it will have mind reader and the OHKO Sheer Cold