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Say both Pokemon are level 100.
A has max evasion and B has the least accuracy possible.
What is the chance of it hitting?

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OHKO moves do not include accuracy and evasion in the accuracy formula.


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The formula is this: (Userlevel - Target level + 30)%
Since both are 100 lvl, formula,

100 - 100 + 30 = 30%

Now factoring in the evasion and accuracy,

P = Abase x Accuracy/Evasion

P is the probability of the move hitting
Abase is the base accuracy of the move. In this case, it is 30.
Accuracy is the amount from which the boosts the user has acquired.
Evasion is the amount from which the boost the target has acquired.

After doing the calculation, the final answer comes to 3.33%

Hope I helped!

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Take account the evasion and accuracy drops
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