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Take a very low level Pokémon with ONLY Sheer Cold (by using the move deleter). Find a ditto, and let ditto copy your Pokémon. Ditto will (hopefully) knock out your Pokémon. After that, switch in your Smeargle (make sure it is at least one level higher to block Sheer Cold) and simply use Sketch. To ensure Smeargle moves last, simply give it a Lagging Tail or Full Incense to Hold

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In Double Battles, you can have Smeargle copy the move your ally is using. In this case, if you have a Pokemon with Sheer Cold, you can do a double battle - First, the ally uses Sheer Cold. In that same turn, Smeargle uses Sketch, and your Smeargle can permanently use Sheer Cold.

Note that in Doubles or Triples, the ally must move right before Smeargle in order for Smeargle to Sketch the ally's move.

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You could also find a trainer in-game and copy it by having the smeargle hold a focus sash, but I doubt any trainer in-game has one.
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Do a SOS Smeargle battle
False swipe the 1st Smeargle until it call for a male
use sheer cold on the 1st smeargle
2nd male smeargle copy sheer cold
Capture it